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Ground Maintenance Services

PDG Landscapes Specialise in Ground Maintenance. No matter what time of year it is or what the weather’s been doing, our grounds maintenance services keep things visually impressive, tidy and under control. Creating a pleasant environment for your staff, customers, guests and the general public.



Our Tailored Approach to Ground Maintenance

Because no two clients are the same, our expert team will work with you to understand your grounds maintenance requirements. We’ll undertake a full survey, allowing us to create a maintenance plan that takes into account the features and challenges of your particular environment.


Landscaped areas aren’t just for appearances, they can be an area of beauty and a talking point. They can provide a place to congregate for staff and visitors.


Maintenance of these areas can be time consuming and often costly.  PDG Landscapes has years of experience  setting up maintenance programmes that are both cost effective and to a high standard.


We’ll also make sure we have a clear understanding of your own preferences. What sort of impression do you want visitors to have when they first arrive? What do you like most and least about your grounds at the moment?

Professional and flexible.


With a grounds maintenance plan in place, our expert, uniformed team will perform regular tasks as required.

Working to a schedule that fits your requirements and offering flexibility where you need it, we’ll keep your grounds in tip-top condition. Ensuring an environment you can really be proud of.

Image by Timothy Eberly


Ground Maintenance Services

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Winter Maintenance Services

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