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Play area Maintenance and Reports



The British and European Standard BS EN 1176 and the Health and Safety Executive

say that you should have an independent annual inspection and most insurancecompanies insist on it.

Most important of all, you owe it to your children to ensure that their play area is as safe as it needs to be.


WHY USE RPII Member Like us?


RoSPA is the premier play safety organisation in the world. . We also believe that areas wherechildren play should be as safe as necessary, NOT as safe as possible.

Wetherefore only recommend action where our  experience indicates thatthis will make a measurable difference to the safety of the children on the playarea.


With our Reports you do not get a list of costs of spare parts etc. We have no commercial

interest in the outcome of our inspections. Indeed we do not believe in you spending

money unless it is really necessary

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Our team at PDG provide the best customer service and as a company we try to meet our clients expectations and requirement's across the board. 

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