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Weed control and spraying 

extensive experience in the control of weeds in sensitive areas including the application of pesicides in and near water courses. We use a variety of control methods including:


 •Weed wiping


•Spot spraying


•Stem injection


•Area spraying


•Mechanical removal



We see herbicides as just one tool in our well-stocked tool-box. We always consider cultural and mechanical weed control methods before resorting to herbicides.


All of the staff we have for spraying are fully qualified and hold the NPTC Pesticide spraying cards  so you benefit from total peace of mind in our ability to control weeds safely and effectively with the use of qualified sprayers.


There are many types of undesirable weeds and ragwort is just 1 of them

we specialise in the removal of ragwort and undesirable weeds contact us for more information

Contact us today 

Our team at PDG provide the best customer service and as a company we try to meet our clients expectations and requirement's across the board. 

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