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Garden drainage and land drains

we can provide a detailed report on your drainage issues and get the issue resolved


we have a vast knowledge in garden drainage and can resolve many issues


If your garden becomes waterlogged after heavy rain, it may benefit from some kind of drainage solution. Without too much effort, a garden land drain, soakaway or other form of drainage can remove standing water and prevent your garden from becoming a waterlogged marsh. the correctr drainage solution can also prevent problems with damp  inside your home and can also prevent damage to masonry and brickwork.


with most modern buildings and gardens ther is a lot of hard standing areas which takes away gthe ability of the ground to take away the excess rain fall from the weather


there are many forms of drainage solution this can be maintaining a lawn by aerating a lawn fertilising installation of  land drains french drains


every lawn isw different and it depends on a lot of factors as to why your garden is becoming excessively wet

topsoil compaction, subsoil compaction, other land outside your property could be falling into your garden, leaking pipes


we can provide a full report and suggest the correct solution you require

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Our team at PDG provide the best customer service and as a company we try to meet our clients expectations and requirement's across the board. 

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